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How to Apply? 

Incarcerated Artists are asked to request in writing by sending in a prepaid self addressed envelope

Read the full instructions and policies before applying

or print the application below on item 7. and send to the artist

Note: not everyone gets approved


WAIT for approval

Sending in artwork before getting approved can disqualify you

Follow instructions, we need to make sure you will be easy to work with.


No artwork will make it onto our site, until forms are signed and policies are agreed to by artist 


Selection process


  • Tell us about yourself when you apply. Including a letter is important remember this is your chance to convince us why we should have you in our program

  • If you have samples of your work on social media let us know

  • Send in small samples or pictures (non returnable) make sure to write sample across the image. If denied sample will be shredded. 

  • Write legible. Chicken scratches or super fancy writing that isn't easy to understand will get you quickly denied

  • Artists are selected every quarter. Some are expedited, depending on what impression you make on us. Possible but rare

  • Our spots are limited and artwork is selected by artistic level. Beginners are usually not selected due to limited spots. 


Who is eligible? 

  • Artist must be incarcerated

  • State or Federal Prison must allow artist to sell and receive money for their artwork

  • Artists cannot be in segregation or have loss of privileges to communicate or purchase art supplies

  • Artist must be complying with Department of corrections regulations.


Fees: THERE ARE NO UP-FRONT FEES TO THE ARTIST keeps 20% of the selling price ONLY if and when the art piece is sold. 

Tax and shipping fees are not included in calculating our fees.


The 20% of the sale allows us to pay for added marketing, taxes, cost to maintain site, supplies like added shipping requirements, packaging, storage and to pay the fees to PayPal for CC processing.



Artwork is shipped to at the designated/artists expense and their own risk. See Instructions PA003 of the application form – DO NOT SEND ARTWORK UNTIL YOU ARE APPROVED

For more information on policies please click here



Please download application and mail direct to incarcerated artist. Please follow all directions. 

Application <---- Click Here


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