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Welcome to PrisonArte,


     The site was originally created to showcase artwork created by Che.  He was incarcerated for over 13 years (from 2004 to 2018) in a Colorado Prison. We met and became the best of friends and married in 2012. I was very lucky to be the recipient of beautiful artwork that I cherish and hold dear to my heart.  Che wanted to help our home financially while also continue to give me emotional support as I ventured into new business ideas. I also wanted to help him by nurturing his love of arts and support his talent.


At the end of 2015, The Marshall Project included us in an article titled "The Marshall Project's Holiday Gift Guide". And by early 2016, our site went National and was added to the resource lists of State and Federal prisons throughout the United States. We currently represent over 8 different incarcerated artists in different state prisons and there is more to come!


We hope you enjoy the artwork we offer by talented artists. Please click on the store tab or view art by artist name. Also, check out the Just Arrived section

  All artwork is sold to help these individuals and their families with the added costs of phone time, art supplies and more. Please remember that without our support these artists cannot afford to purchase materials and as we all know "idle hands are the devil's workshop" Proverbs 16:27

Thank you from, family

If you have someone incarcerated with great talent in arts or crafts, please download the application and send it to the artists to be considered. 

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