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My name is Che. 

I was born in Denver CO. I've always created one type of art or the other and I was a Graffiti artist at an early age. I had many opportunities to use my talent in a positive way, but I was hard headed and it took over 20+ years in jail and prison to finally mature and understand what the important things are, such as family, children & grandchildren.

For the last seven years I have been married to an amazing woman... Susana. She has supported me in everything. She helped me by building a website that not only helps me show my artwork, but allows me to help her with finances. It also helps others who are locked up with nothing but their talent to depend on.


My plan is to get out of prison and help my wife with her business and continue to maintain my website. (Released Jan 2018, and doing great things! Follow us as we share our lives with you.. click here to join our blog)


I want to help others to get their lives on a road that leads them in a positive direction. 


Thank you for the opportunity to share my dream with you


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